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The Unparalleled leader in providing the most comprehensive Supply Chain & Trade Solutions in the Middle East and African Region.


Saudi Industrial Export Company (SADIRAT) is recognized for its leadership role in the global expansion of EMEA companies in food products, fertilizers, polymers, and building materials to name a few. Our experienced management team ensures our clients benefit from deep domain expertise and best practices wherever their origins of sourcing or distribution markets.

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You Can Rely on SADIRAT for.

Finance Flow

World-class financial and insurance solutions, commodity exchange solutions, and currency exchange solutions.

Goods Flow

Turnkey logistics, chartering, warehousing and value-added services, food and commodity processing, insurance and rate negotiation.

Information Flow

SaaS online B2B multi-vendor ecommerce platform for marketing and sales of manufacturers' products, purchasing supply chain services, and end-to-end order tracking and supply chain visibility.

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