About Us

Our purpose is focused: comprehensive supply chains, trading finance, and IT solutions for trade. Since its inception in 1990 as Limited Liability Company and in 2006 as a public list company in the main market (TASI) in Saudi Stock Market (TADAWUL), SADIRAT has come a long way in translating its original vision set by its founders to become the No.1 Supply Chain & Trade Solutions provider in the Middle East and African Regions.

Headquartered in Riyadh, SADIRAT having regional offices in 3 countries, including UAE, Iraq, and KSA.

Furthermore, SADIRAT has adopted the latest technologies through an effective and sustainable growth strategy. SADIRAT is adopting cutting-edge changes to its processes and procedures to keep up with digital technology’s growing capabilities and availability.

SADIRAT technologies accelerate the process, beginning with the first inquiry and continuing through the final payment and delivery. This is accomplished by streamlining decision-making and improving communication, performance, and monitoring at each step of the trade facilitation process.

We take pride in having one of the most experienced and capable workforces that help us provide the best possible tailored solutions to our clients.

International trade offers KSA manufacturers and distributors a tremendous opportunity to reach new markets, establish global partnerships, and prosper through new channels of commerce. These opportunities, however, carry with them a great deal of complexity. Simply put: it’s not an easy task. . .unless you call SADIRAT.

SADIRAT is a single-source partner for all your trading challenges. Our comprehensive trade solutions extend well beyond supply chain management to address every aspect of international trade, from sourcing and documentation to structuring the finance needed to make it happen. We offer financing and risk mitigation strategies to manage the supply chain with better working capital and liquidity, ensuring a sustainable growth trajectory for our clients.

SADIRAT is the go-to consulting and solution development firm for supply chain and trade solutions. We ensure to help our worthy clients notch up their financial performance and business outcomes by enabling them to visualize, analyze, and optimize critical decisions. Not only that, we help them adopt the best possible strategies and implement them to ensure sustainable growth even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Over the past three decades, SADIRAT has assisted numerous businesses Globally issues such as improving operational performance. Our consultation covers optimizing capital investments, developing future sustainability strategies, evaluating and minimizing strategic risks, reducing carbon emissions, designing efficient logistics networks, and optimizing supply chain technology implementation. We can also help bridge the gaps in implementation strategy and leverage technological advances like the e-commerce boom.

Our strength lies in providing tailored solutions to our clients by analyzing all possible scenarios and conducting what-if exploration to ensure the best service, costs, and investor returns in a sustainable, risk-free manner.


We intend to be one of the leading supply chain & international trade solutions' provider in the world.


Is to promote global stability, growth, and prosperity through enhanced and more sustainable International Supply Chain & Trade Solutions that cater to the ever-evolving demands of our clients.